Residential Rentals


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  • Property Evaluation - We will evaluate your property and provide you with an accurate rental rate.

  • Marketing - Let us market your property for rent. 

  • Screening and Selection - We will screen and select tenants.

  • Move-In and Move-Out Documentation - Lease agreements, proper signatures, & keys will all be provided through our office.

  • Rent Collection - We will collect monthly payment from your renter. 

  • Financial Management - We will maintain all historical records, provide book keeping services & much more.

  • Maintenance, Repairs & Remodeling - Let us take care of the handy work with our network of licensed, bonded and filly insured contractors. 

  • Inspections - Let us keep an eye on your property by providing periodic and initial rental inspections. 

  • Evictions - We will handle the difficult task of evicting tenants, from filing the paperwork all the way to appearing in court for you. 

 David Patterson
 Director of Property Management


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