Vacant land for sale in North IdahoCommercial Land In North Idaho

Investors looking for land to develop their residential, commercial, or industrial ventures have a selection of properties to choose from. You’ll find land zoned for commercial, industrial, and residential development. Some properties offer waterfront access with an opportunity to develop boat slips or even build additional amenities for neighboring commercial properties. Whether you’re looking to build the next shopping mall or multi-family housing development, Pearl Realty can help you find the perfect property for your project.

Commercial Land

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What Do You Need To Know About Commercial Land In North Idaho?

Purchasing commercial land in North Idaho offers investors a variety of properties to choose from in various locations. Choose from land along high-traffic thoroughfares, or properties on the edge of current developments where land clearing may be required.

Regardless of where you purchase land, you will be expected to follow the Good Neighbor Guide, which outlines a number of guidelines in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy their property. The Good Neighbor Guide explains how certain activities may have adverse effects on local farming activities and offers potential solutions and alternatives to common development activities.

Depending on the amount of land that you need some parcels that have already been platted for development may be further broken down for the sale of smaller parcels. 

Is The North End A Desirable Place To Buy Land?

Yes, the North End is one of the most sought-after places to buy land outside of Boise. North Idaho offers land developers easy access to a number of nearby markets including Washington and Canada.

Is Commercial Land In Idaho A Good Investment?

Yes, Commercial Land In Idaho is a good investment. The local economy is strong with signs of growth. The growing population supports new commercial developments and greater stability.

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