Design a Dining Room for Dual Purposes

Dining rooms are often not used only for dining, but for doing homework, reading the paper, sorting and paying bills, crafts, or any other task where a table is desired. Keep your dining room functional for dining as well as these activities with a few simple ideas.

  • Incorporate a small dresser or hutch into the room. Use one or two drawers for table cloths and napkins, the others for things like pens, pencils, and scissors that might be used frequently at the table.
  • If you have the space, built in bench seating is a great storage solution.
  • If you read the paper at the table, keep a decorative recycling basket nearby to avoid stacks of paper on the floor.
  • If the dining room doubles as a homework zone, hang decorative pegs for backpacks.
  • Keep a small trash can nearby by for all of those activities other than dining that leave a mess.

Enjoy your space by keeping it functional, fun, and welcoming! 

Tip Provided By Jenn Schilling, Professional Organizer, Attain Organization